The Conservatory

The Conservatory, built over 30 years ago, replaced the old coal shed at the back of our 17th Century family home in the lovely village of Sandford.

A place for Jo to ‘not fill the entire house with plants’ has become a space not only for her to pursue her herbaceous passions but also the place for leisurely spring lunches with family, raucous summer evening dinner parties with friends and even a classroom for little grandForrest’s. 

With this in mind it seems a shame to keep this little oasis to ourselves. 


We will be hosting open days to the general public in Spring/Summer and also arranging workshops ranging from macrame classes, plant pot painting, wreath making and everything in between. 

As soon as we have the right climate to pursue ‘The Conservatory Events’, we will begin to iron out the finer details. If you would like to keep up to date with our events then please let us know here: