White Bird of Paradise

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I think most people know the orange flowered bird of paradise but we thought we’d bring you something a bit special. This is the big brother of the orange bird of paradise and he’s just fab. Big glossy banana shaped tropical leaves will really elevate a tropical house jungle. This guy has graced the covers of fancy architect magazines and is a real favourite with the designer crowd. And if you’re not yet convinced… he’s easy to look after too! Oh… and I only got a few of these because I like to tease you guys – sorry. Act quick so you don’t miss out.

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Light Bright indirect sunlight will help your Bird of Paradise grow – it will tolerate both shade and full sun but neither for prolonged periods of time. 

Water When the top 4/5cm of soil start to dry out it’s time to water.

Humidity Regular misting will keep this guy tropical.

Temperature Keep this plant warm – it will be fine in normal household conditions just don’t let the temperature drop below 13 degrees.

Food  Feed once a month throughout the spring/summer months. 

Toxicity  Don’t let any little nippers chomp on this guy! 

Dimensions 19 × 90 cm

Brown spots on the leaves could be to do with the nutrients in your tap water – try watering with water that’s been sat out over night or rain water.

Split leaves is a natural occurrence, it’s to allow light to get to the lower leaves. The leaves on this plant won’t be pristine but it’s definitely part of it’s charm. Rotate your plant for even leaf growth.

2 reviews for White Bird of Paradise

  1. Jojo (verified owner)

  2. Josie (verified owner)

    A striking and happy plant, and such lovely helpful customer service in buying it! Thank you.

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