Variegated Weeping Fig

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This beautiful variegated little tree is a real stunner. The leaves are suspended on such delicate petioles giving this plant a lot of graceful movement. If you’re looking for an air cleaner then these fig trees are known to be one of the best. If you look after your weeping fig it could grow as tall as 6feet.

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Light : Bright indirect light will keep your fig happy, while she won’t mind some shade, make sure she’s getting a good dose of light or her lower leaves might start to drop off.

Water:  Moist not wet soil is what you’re after here. Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings. 

Humidity: You don’t need to panic about misting. You can give it a light misting to keep the leaves dust free.

Temperature: Not frost tolerant. Keeping it above 16 degrees will keep your fig happy. 

Food:  You can feed it monthly during the spring/summer. 

Toxicity:  Not for nibblers!

Dimensions 17 × 70 cm

2 reviews for Variegated Weeping Fig

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    This was a gift for a friend and she loved it….now I want one!!

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