Venus Fly Trap

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‘dionaea muscipula’

I’ve been asked about Venus Fly Traps since we opened and I’ve finally got some. These guys are funny little things that serve a great purpose of eating the flies in your house. Full of little toothy grins ready to SNAP when a fly lands on them!

It uses up lots of energy for your Venus Fly Trap to snap it’s prey so as tempting as it is – it’s best not to play with the leaves.

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Lots of bright direct light will keep this chappy snappy. Pop him on a window sill. 


Water with rain water and keep the soil moist – you can place a saucer of water under the plant to give it a constant supply of water. 


As long as you keep this guy well watered and with a regular supply of water I doubt you’d need to worry about humidity.  You could mist regularly if you felt your house was particularly dry.


Your house hold temperature will be fine for your Venus Fly Trap.


You don’t need to feed your Venus Fly Trap – it will get everything it needs from the treats it chomps. 


Pet friendly so a great addition to your menagerie. 

Dimensions 12 × 20 cm

Losing leaves in winter is common. It should turn around come spring.

Mouths are closed and not opening back up? Your fly trap is probably just munching it’s lunch. It takes a couple of days to digest what they’ve caught so it should open up when it’s finished.

4 reviews for Venus Fly Trap

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

  2. Sarah Wallis (verified owner)

    Brought this as a gift and it was well received.

  3. Charlie G. (verified owner)

    Really healthy plant. Often when i see these in shops they look a bit dead, this one is fab and my kids and I love it!

  4. Dan (verified owner)

    It definitely works! Living next to a dairy farm we have plenty of flies in the house in this weather and our Venus fly traps are taking full advantage. We love them!

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