Variegated Peperomia Obtusifolia

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Well isn’t this a bit special? The leaves are obviously beautiful but they’re also thick like a rubber plant. They are pet safe AND very durable. So if you have one of those cats you don’t need to worry if it gets batted off a shelf. This is a show-er not a grower making it a great plant to pop in a pot, enjoy is prettiness and not have to worry about it too much. Oh and it’s air purifying. Always a good bonus.

12cm – 20cm

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Light : He is shade tolerant but bright indirect sunlight is best. 

Water: Allow the top couple of centimetres dry out before you water him. 

Humidity: He’ll enjoy a wee bit of misting from time to time. 

Temperature: Your normal household temperature will keep him happy. 

Food:  You won’t need to feed this little chap. 

Toxicity:  This cute little guy is non toxic so you can welcome him into your home with open arms. 

Dimensions 12 × 20 cm

If he’s getting leggy then he’s not getting enough light. 

Scorching leaves means that he’s getting too much light. 

2 reviews for Variegated Peperomia Obtusifolia

  1. Gemma Harris (verified owner)

    This little one is just a cool dude. He areived in fab condition too.

  2. Lisa (verified owner)

    Love this plant, very thick pretty leaves. I’ve put mine in my kitchen.

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