Tradescantia Nanouk

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This pretty little thing was developed in the Netherlands for highly dependable performance. I think it is super pretty with its lilac markings, bright purple underside and petite leaves. It feels like a younger sister to the very glitzy and glamorous Tradescantia Zebrina. The Nanouk has a more upright and tighter growth pattern than the Zebrina but still grows quickly and will eventually trail when it gets long enough. This little love will also bloom during it’s growing months which are in the autumn – inside she might even flower in the winter.

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Light :This one loves the light. The light will keep those leaves looking so pretty. Bright light will be fine for them, you can pop them on a window ledge. 

Water: Being an easy to have houseplant means this plant is drought tolerant. However, a good watering schedule will be best for her. Make sure you don’t let her sit in soggy soil. Let the top of the soil dry out between watering! 

Humidity: You shouldn’t have to worry about extra humidity. 

Temperature: Normal house temperature is good here. She is not frost tolerant, so just be mindful of that. 

Food: You could feed her in the summer months, about once a month. But honestly, she would be fine without. 

Toxicity:  Very mildly toxic, people have reported that the sap has irritated their skin.

Dimensions 12 × 25 cm

Brown / Crispy If your plant is looking dry then it is dry. You could try a number of things, up the watering, give it a mist, or take it out of direct sun.

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  1. Rebecca R. (verified owner)

    Such beautiful colours

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