Tradescantia Fluminensis Quadricolor

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If you like your Tradescantia’s – your pink plants – your easy to look after pretty plants then this one is your girl. A member of the Tradescantia, Spider Wort family, she will happily trail her life away, looking gorgeous without much effort from you!

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Light :This one loves the light. The light will keep those leaves looking so pretty. Bright light will be fine for them, you can pop them on a window ledge. 

Water: Being an easy to have houseplant means this little chappy is drought tolerant. However, a good watering schedule will be best for her. Make sure you don’t let her sit in soggy soil. Let the top of the soil dry out between watering! 

Humidity: You shouldn’t have to worry about extra humidity. 

Temperature: Normal house temperature is good here. She is not frost tolerant, so just be mindful of that. 

Food: You could feed her in the summer months, about once a month. But honestly, she would be fine without. 

Toxicity:  Very mildly toxic, people have reported that the sap has irritated their skin.

Dimensions 12 × 14 cm

Brown / Crispy If your plant is looking dry then it is dry. You could try a number of things, up the watering, give it a mist, or take it out of direct sun.

1 review for Tradescantia Fluminensis Quadricolor

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful pink addition to my gang of plants!

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