Tiny Banana Plant


I just couldn’t resist these cute little guys. I’m not sure how long you’d be waiting to get an actual banana from them but they’re super sweet and if you look after it you never know what your banana future might be.

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Light : This lovely won’t mind a bit of shade but would prefer some bright indirect light – she could also take some bright sun too. The younger leaves could scorch in the hot summer sun. 

Water:  These guys need LOTS of water. You will need to keep your eye on the soil and water when the top layer has dried out. 

Humidity: Regular misting will keep your Banana Plant thinking she is in the jungle! 

Temperature: Avoid draughts and don’t let the temperature drop below 10 degrees. 

Food:  You can feed your banana plant every couple of weeks in the growing season. 

Toxicity:  Nibbler safe! Welcome her in with open arms and don’t mind if your little critters (pets + kiddos) have a nibble.

Dimensions 6 × 10 cm

If your banana leaf plant doesn’t seem to be growing it could be a few issues, it might need repotting, or fertilising, or it’s too cold. You’ll be able to figure out where you’re at as you’ll know your plant best and then you can choose a course of action.


Blemished/damaged/teared leaves are just part of this plants thing. They churn out new leaves pretty quickly so don’t panic.


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