Tillandsia Ionantha – Airplant

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The airplant defies nature as we know it – I mean really, WHERE IS IT’S SOIL? This funky little chap is really easy to look after. He just requires a bath every now and then. He likes the light and he’s pretty awesome looking.

These ones are extra pretty as they come in a beautiful glass bauble.

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Light : Bright indirect sunlight is what your airplant needs. The brighter the spot the more you’ll have to mist him to keep him happy. 

Water:  You can soak your airplant every one to two weeks in room temperature water for 5/10 minutes. Don’t let him stand in excess water – he is going to need drying off. He must dry off completely in 3 hours else he could rot. Water him in the mornings. 

Humidity: Once a week mist him thoroughly but not so much that he’s dripping. The more light you give him the more humidity he’ll need. 

Temperature: He will be easy going when it comes to temperature, he’ll want a colder night than day time and keeping him ambient in the sunlight hours will keep him happy. 

Food:  You can add a pinch of orchid fertiliser to your watering schedule once a month can keep him looking extra spiffy if you would like. 

Toxicity:  This funny little guy is not toxic to pets. 

Dimensions 8 × 8 cm

Brown and crispy tips mean he needs watering. 

If he’s been overwatered then he might not be able to be saved. If his base is brown or black and it’s leaves are falling off then he’s most likely a victim of rot. Sorry. 

1 review for Tillandsia Ionantha – Airplant

  1. Barbara Munday (verified owner)

    All plants are Great. Lovely and friendly when delivering xx

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