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Terrariums are having a big moment and I am here for it. They remind me of fairy gardens and I love the creativity that comes with them. No two look the same. So instead of making them up and letting you guys buy them all together, I thought it would be awesome for you to unleash your creative side and get funky with this kit! It comes with a 5 litre open fronted glass terrarium jar with a cork stopper, and all the gear to go with it.

  • enough gravel in either grey or white to cover the bottom of your terrarium,
  • some activated charcoal to help with any ‘aromas’ and to remove toxins from inside your jar,
  • a good bit of potting soil,
  • and some super snazzy tweezers to help with arranging and posing of plants, stones, figures and what ever decorative bits you fancy.

Once you’ve chosen the colour of your stones, take a look at our pick and mix plants that you can add onto your order. You can go wild and have as many or as little as you like, or if you already have a plant in mind for your terrarium then that’s cool 🙂

Happy Creating.


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