Syngonium White Butterfly


The leaves on this baby are so pretty. Delicate heart shaped leaves that range from white to light green. A real beauty and SO easy to look after. Also these top the list when it comes to air purifying.

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Light : Bright indirect sunlight will keep this guy looking awesome.

Water:  Let the soil dry out between watering and then give him a big drink. 

Humidity: He would really like lots of moisture so keep him with other plants and give him a misting.

Temperature: This guy is not frost tolerant at all and needs to be kept above 16 degrees. 

Food:  You can feed him once or twice a month in spring and summer. If you see new growth in cooler months then you can feed then too. 

Toxicity:  Your syngonium is mildly toxic if ingested .

Dimensions 14 × 35 cm

A lanky and floppy plant could indicate that he needs a wee bit of a hair cut, you can keep him looking spiffy by trimming the longer trails, or using a moss pole or pinning him to a stick or wall to train the stems. 

If the leaves are getting crispy then he needs moisture. Try misting. 

Variegation is fading means he’s not getting enough light.


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