Stromanthe Triostar

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Well lookie what we have here…. this plant just might have one of the most beautiful leaves I’ve ever seen – and no two leaves are the same. The colours are so standout it barely looks real, from deep purple to bright red, pink and cream this really is a spectacular plant. The triostar is a member of the Calathea family and will act like a prayer plant – meaning the leaves will fold up at night. These are also great air purifiers so great for drawing toxins out of the air.

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Shade tolerant but will like brighter light to help those colours shine.


Just like a usual prayer plant these guys like moist, not wet soil. You can wait until the top layer of soil dries out before watering to make sure you don’t over water.


These guys would like a bit of regular misting.


Not frost tolerant but your household temperature will be fine. 


Feed once a month during the warmer months.


Not toxic! 

Dimensions 14 × 50 cm

If your plant starts to lose it’s variegation it’s crying out for some more light. Just be mindful of harsh summer afternoon sun.

Dry and crispy is a moisture issue – make sure you are keeping the soil moist and misting regularly.


2 reviews for Stromanthe Triostar

  1. Emma Fletcher (verified owner)

  2. Arlene S. (verified owner)

    I’m happy to pick this beauty lovely colours and healthy.

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