String of Pearls (Large)


“Senecio Rowleyanus”

Well isn’t this a beauty? The String of Pearls is a beautiful fast growing succulent. It looks fab in a hanging pot or trailing over the edge of a shelf. These are a personal favourite of mine (Emma) and I’m so happy we finally have some bigger ones to share with you guys! Easy to look after – looks cool – grows fast – makes you happy! 

These are BY FAR our most popular plant.

These ones aren’t the very round string of pearls – but as you’ll see from the pictures they’re more tear shape.

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Bright indirect sunlight will keep this little thing happy. 


Prone to over watering, give this guy a good drink and then let it dry out before you water it again. 


You don’t need to worry about humidity, household humidity is fine. 


Don’t let your string of pearls get too cold. Normal household temperature, without a draught will keep him looking spiffy. 


He doesn’t need any food if it’s not something you’re into, but if you do want, you can feed it sparingly throughout the spring/summer months. 


These little beads look like they coil dbe juicy and yummy, but they’re not – keep out of reach of nibblers because it will cause a tummy upset. 


Dimensions 15 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my String of Pearls!

His beads are all shrivelled up! – this is a watering issue. You know if you’ve neglected that little sole, or killed him with kindness – so adjust your watering schedule… letting the soil dry out between waterings and then giving him a nice healthy drink in a pot with drainage and he’ll soon perk up. 

Scarred beads/dry leaves could mean that your string of pearls is receiving too much direct sunlight. These plants do enjoy some bright light but can’t handle the harshness of full afternoon sun. 

All the beads are dropping off – get this guy out of the draught. He likes it warm – just make sure he’s somewhere snug.



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