String of Nickels

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Dischidia nummularia

String of Nickels – they’re not super easy to get hold of but we’re pretty awesome like that 😉 If you want easy to look after curtains of green beautifulness then this is your guy. String of Nickels can trail as long as 3 feet! Shade tolerant, drought tolerant – these are great for anyone with a black thumb.

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They hang in 14cm pots

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Light : String of Nickels like the shade. So he’s perfect for any dark corners that need brightening up. 

Water:  These do not need much water at all. Let the soil totally dry out before you water him, and make sure you drain any excess off. He will not like to sit in water at all. 

Humidity: These guys LOVE humidity, so great for a bathroom, kitchen or bundled together with some more plant pals. Regular misting will keep him spiffy. 

Temperature: Your household temperature will be fine for your String of Nickels

Food:  You can feed him diluted houseplant food in the growing months (spring/summer) 

Dimensions 14 × 30 cm

1 review for String of Nickels

  1. Kara (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant, arrived in perfect condition. Customer service was great and I can’t wait to make another order -thankyou!

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