String of Dolphins


Senecio Peregrinus’

I know you all love string of things and this might just be the most interesting of all the strings. I can’t stop looking at them, they look EXACTLY like Dolphins. My mind is officially blown. These are not the easiest string of things to come by and it’s no surprise really. The little dolphins look like they are jumping out of the ocean and it’s just a pot full of joy!

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Light : Your Dolphins will want a god dose of light but won’t love too much direct sunlight as they can burn. Early morning sun will make them pretty happy.

Water: Let them dry out between waterings and bottom water to keep them from getting soggy. 

Humidity: You won’t need to mist your string of dolphins they are a succulent so prefer things to be a bit drier.

Temperature: They can tolerate cooler temps but aren’t frost tolerant so don’t let it drop below 10 degrees. 

Food:  Your Dolphins will go dormant in the winter months so you can feed them once or twice in the warmer months. 

Toxicity:  As cute as this is, it’s not for your little pets and people, it might cause discomfort/illness if they’re eaten. 

Dimensions 12 × 14 cm


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