Sromanthe Magicstar


I’ve been in love with the Stromanthe Triostar for a while and while this lovely looks pretty similar it’s definitely a different plant. The constellation style variegation is really beautiful. You will also get some more sectoral chunks of white, but the splatter of galaxy white is pretty stunning. I see the Triostar around a lot but this one is a little harder to come by. The star reference can be seen through the shape of this plant. The starburst growth pattern is lush. The care is the same for any Calathea, (even though this isn’t a calathea, but it is, but it isn’t) not too bright light, humidity and damp soil!

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Shade tolerant but will like brighter light to help those colours shine.


Just like a usual prayer plant these guys like moist, not wet soil. You can wait until the top layer of soil dries out before watering to make sure you don’t over water.


These guys would like a bit of regular misting.


Not frost tolerant but your household temperature will be fine. 


Feed once a month during the warmer months.


Not toxic! 

Dimensions 12 × 40 cm


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