Spotted Potted Begonia


I love this combination, especially for a gift! The spots on the pot look really cool next to the spots of this stand out plant. What an absolute show stopper this lady is. Not only is she painted with the most beautiful polka dots, the underside of her leaves are red. Definitely up there with the most photogenic plants #mybegoniabringsalltheboystotheyard. Word on the street is that the red underside of the leaves inspired the famous red soled shoes of Christian Louboutin. 

The pot is 14cm.

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Nice bright sun will keep her looking spiffy. But beware of direct sun, you wouldn’t want to burn those beautiful leaves. 


This is a plant who is susceptible to root rot so don’t drown her. Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings and allow ample drainage. Water less in winter. 


Being a Brazilian babe, your Begonia is used to some pretty decent humidity. Put her in the bathroom or kitchen or maybe let her chill with some other plant friends. If you are going to mist her, mist the air around her and not the leaves. 


This ones a tropical gal so keep her toasty. Anything from 18 – 22 degrees should be spot on. (spot on.. Get it?) She’ll be fine really in most household temperatures, just don’t let her get too cold, anything lower than 15 degrees and she’ll be grumpy. 


If you want to see some blooms on your Begonia then feeding her is the way to her heart. You can feed her with house plant food every 2 weeks. 


Unfortunately the Polka Dot Begonia is toxic to pets, especially her roots. 


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