Spider Plant – Variegata

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I’m enjoying the humble spider plant at the moment. This one is pretty special, the markings on it’s spiky leaves are real pretty. This plant will definitely out live you – jussayin.

It’s a pretty decent amount of plant for the ££ too 🙂 

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Light : Bright indirect light.

Water: Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings.

Humidity: Your spider plant would benefit from misting.

Temperature: This guy is pretty tolerant but he probably wouldn’t thank you for letting him get freezing.

Food:  You probably won’t need to feed this little guy. 

Toxicity:  This plant is pet safe. 

Crispy leaves could mean that your wee spider plant needs a bit more moisture.

Yellow leaves could either just be old leaves or an overwatering issue. Make sure the soil dries out between waterings.

2 reviews for Spider Plant – Variegata

  1. Camilla (verified owner)

  2. Debra Ward (verified owner)

    A great size for the money

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