Senecio Mont Blanc

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Jamie and I spent our first years together running around Mont Blanc so this plant has a bit of sentimental value to us. This guy is a member of the same family as the string of pears. It’s a kooky little number and it really does evoke images of snow capped peaks. The texture of this plant is so interesting too. It’s almost like crazy soft felt. It’s an awesome plant, that will boss this winter as it can cope with some cooler temperatures and it’s pet safe too!


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Light : This one is going to need lots of light. 

Water:  This fella is used to drought conditions so be really mindful to not overwater him. Let the soil dry out before you reach for the watering can. Bottom water your Mont Blanc by filling a saucer or similar with water and sitting him in it – pot and all. 

Humidity: You don’t need to worry about any extra humidity. 

Temperature: Should be fine in cooler temps. Like with any plant keep him out of the way of a draft. 

Food:  You can feed him once in the spring/summer with cactus/succulent fertiliser. 

Toxicity:  Pet safe. 

Dimensions 10.5 × 18 cm

1 review for Senecio Mont Blanc

  1. Josie (verified owner)

    This plant is lovely and unusual, it’s both solid and delicate, with a fine snowey coat. Thank you!

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