Sansevieria Moonshine


One of the more rare and most sought after snake plants. These fellas are SUPER easy to look after. I would go as far as to say they are the EASIEST plant. They’ll tolerate most conditions and will never be mad at you.

They’re a lovely size and sit in a 12cm pot.

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Light : You could get away with putting this guy anywhere. He will grow quicker with more light but is quite happy in lower light conditions.

Water: Check his soil every few weeks and if it’s completely dried out give him a little water.

Humidity: You won’t need to mist your moonshine at all.

Temperature: They can tolerate most temperatures but probably won’t appreciate a frost. 

Food:  Your can feed your sansevieria once or twice a year in the warmer months. 

Toxicity:  Sansevieria are known to be toxic so best kept out of reach. 

Dimensions 12 × 40 cm


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