Ruby Pink + Lime Fittonia


If you like your plants colourful and intricate and cute and easy to look after then hazzah! Behold the Ruby Pink + Lime Fittonia. The leaves on this fella are little works of art and they’re sure to get tongues wagging. You can pot these little babies up in a terrarium too because they do love a bit of moisture.

If you need to grab yourself a mister to go with your fittonia, you can find them here.

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Light :  Bright indirect sun. So stick this guy in a bright room away from harsh afternoon rays. 

Water:  Check the soil frequently, moist soil will keep your fittonia happy. If it’s thirsty it will collapse, so try to get to it before that happens.

Humidity: As this is a tropical plant, offering a regular misting will keep your lovely plant growing happily. 

Temperature: This plant is not draught or frost tolerant. Keep it somewhere warm.

Food:  Feed regularly during the growing season. 

Dimensions 8.5 × 10 cm

Yellow leaves mean too much water. Make sure you’re not letting it sit in soggy soil, and you’re letting the top of the soil dry out between waterings.

If your Fittonia is dropping leaves, this could be a temperature issue, make sure it’s not sat in a draft.

Dry shrivelled leaves could be a moisture problem, make sure you’re misting your Fittonia regularly.


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