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“Crassula Ovata” 

These weird little guys are part of the succulent family even tough they seem to have a trunk and are very tree-like.  Super easy to take care of and they are so interesting and quite beautiful. If you want to add something different to your house jungle then these are the guys.

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Bright sun to partial shade will keep these guys looking their best. They will need a little shade from the harshest summer sun but will enjoy some bright light the rest of the time. 


Don’t let your crassula sit in wet soil, he might get root rot. They don’t need much watering at all. In the cooler months give him a good drink and then let the soil go dry before topping him up. In the summer months is when your crassula will go dormant so he’ll need less water then. Always check the soil to see if it’s dry before giving him any water .


Your home will provide the perfect humidity for your Crassula. You don’t want to be misting this guy.


Again, your normal house temperature is what this chap needs. He’s not frost tolerant and if he gets too warm – like seriously hot hot, he might go to sleep and start dropping his lower leaves.


You really don’t need to feed your crassula. But you can always give him a boost in spring with a bit of sparse feeding whilst he’s growing.


These guys aren’t for eating – so would be better kept away from any nipping creatures in your house.

Dimensions 17 × 28 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my Crassula!

These guys really are quite hardy and can put up with quite a bit of neglect. You will probably get into trouble if you over water them so just take it easy and if he looks unhappy let him dry out a bit.

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    Beautiful plant

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