Rhipsalis – Mouse Tail Cactus


‘Rhipsalis Baccifera Horrida’

The Rhipsalis is from the cactus family, but it doesn’t have spiky spines. It has glorious long tendrils that can grow up to 20ft long in the wild! He’s a slow grower but totally worth the patience. I think he’s just glorious and he’s also pet safe and an air purifier.

He comes in a 14cm pot

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Light : Full morning sun followed by afternoon shade will be best for these guys. 

Water:  Even though he looks like a cactus your Rhipsalis is not drought tolerant so make sure you keep him on a good watering schedule. Let the top of the soil dry out between waterings. 

Humidity: Your normal household humidity will be fine for your Rhipsalis. 

Temperature: Keep this guy ambient, away from a draught and he’ll be tip top. 

Food:  You won’t have to worry about feeding your Rhipsalis for at least a year, and then when you do just give it ¼ strength in the spring/summer months. 

Toxicity:  The lovely Rhipsalis is not toxic so a perfect addition to your menagerie.

Dimensions 14 cm

If his tendrils start to fall off then he’s not getting enough light. 

Wonky growth means he needs rotating when you water him. Even light distribution should level him out. 

If his tendrils are looking a bit deflated then he’s thirsty.

Brown and crispy tendrils mean he’s very thirsty.


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