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If you need to repot a plant but don’t have a lot of room to store tons of soil, or you only need to repot a single plant then look no further – I’ve put together some little bundles that consist of a pot, enough soil to fill your new pot (with probably a bit left over) and a handy little scoop to help you with the job in hand.

It’s not just any old soil that we’re throwing in bags for you. I’m excited to offer some truly outstanding soil that’s perfect for any tropical house plant. (Also works for fruits and vegetable plants). I’ve imported some potting soil from The Netherlands that is one of the most sustainable potting soils ever made. It was important for us when choosing a soil that I picked something that was responsible, especially when using peat. This soil contains controlled bark-compost, green-compost, untreated coconut fibre, certified wood fibres, fermented peat plants, natural minerals and a minimum peat content.

It also consists exclusively of plant components and contains no animal proteins or other animal by-products. Which is a massive bonus for me.

I’ve been using this soil for the past few weeks and I’m really happy with it and I’m happy to share it with you all.

When repotting a plant, choose a pot that is just a little bigger (like a couple of cms)  than the one you have now. You don’t want to shock your plant by putting it in a pot that’s much too big for it.

*Each bundle comes with a little potting scoop. *

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9cm + potting compost, 15cm + 1.5 litres of potting compost, 16.5cm + 2 litres of potting compost, 18cm + 3 litres of potting compost, 21cm + 4 litres of potting compost, 23cm + 5 litres of potting compost, 29cm + 7.5 litres of potting compost

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  1. Carolyne (verified owner)

    Hassle free repotting, what’s not to love!

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