Red Coral Hanging Plant


‘Rhipsalis ramulosa’

This is the plant that just keeps giving. The more time in nice bright light the pinker this lovely hanging plant will go. They can grow in to huge plants and even though they are part of the cactus family they have a few needs that are different. He comes already to hang so you can bask in his glory!

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He comes in a 17cm hanging pot.



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Light : Bright indirect sun would be a happy medium for this guy. If you have a spot that is full sun in the mornings but then shaded in the afternoon then this is a perfect place for him. 

Water: Even though this guy shares his genus with cacti, he is not drought tolerant and will want some water just as the top layer of soil is drying. You will need to water him more frequently in summer than in winter. Don’t let him sit in water. 

Humidity: These guys do like humidity but it’s not a deal breaker for them. Just keep an eye on his lovely fingers, if they’re looking a bit dry then he might enjoy a wee bit of mist. 

Temperature: Normal household temperature is great for your Red Coral 

Food:  You can feed your Red Coral once every month with cactus feed. 

Toxicity:  A purrrfect addition to your home of fur babies and small people.

Dimensions 17 × 25 cm

If he’s wilting then check the soil, if it’s very dry then he’s thirsty, and if it’s very wet then he’s overwatered. Make sure he’s not suffering from root rot and adjust your watering schedule accordingly.


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