Red Cat Tail


I have never seen anything like this plant so when I had the chance to offer them to you guys I couldn’t pass up the opportunity. The flowers are insanely wonderful. Hanging soft red tails – give it it’s name – also goes by ‘Chenile Plant’. The big green leaves on the tree like stems give this plant a lovely tree vibe.

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Light : These babies like the light – but not strong afternoon sun, so be mindful of south facing windows. If you have a conservatory they’d love it in there! 

Water: Moist but not soggy soil will serve this one best. Don’t let it sit in wet soil, maybe let the top dry out before watering. 

Humidity: Misting will keep this tropical honey feeling at home.

Temperature: Your normal household temperature will keep her happy. 

Food:  You can feed your Red Cat Tail in the summer/spring months. 

Toxicity:  Unfortunately this beast is toxic to your pets and other nibbly things. 

Dimensions 19 × 120 cm


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