Prickly Pear Cactus MIX

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These guys are clustering cacti. They come in all different shapes and no two are identical. They have little chenille looking glochids (little prickles)  – which look really soft, but they’re not. (Trust me, they end up stuck in you for days!!) These Cacti can grow up to 1m tall and 2m wide!! If the conditions are right you might even get a flower out of your Opunita – they can be red, orange or yellow. Yellow is the most common colour. They can also bear edible fruit! What a star?!


This goes with

Light : Lovely bright light will keep your prickly fella at his best. He will also tolerate partial shade but if you want him to flower then you need to get him in the sun.  

Water: Water thoroughly perhaps fortnightly? Let the soil dry between waterings and make sure there are holes at the bottom of his pot. Make sure you leave him dry in the winter

Humidity: Your opunita won’t thank you for any misting.

Temperature: Your household temperature will keep your spiky friend looking spiffy. Don’t worry about him getting a bit cooler overnight. It gets quite cold in the desert at night time.

Food:  During the spring and summer months you can feed your cactus with cactus food once a month. 

Toxicity:  While not toxic, cacti are pretty prickly which your small creature might not particularly enjoy.

Dimensions 8.5 cm
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1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6

If he’s looking a bit shrivelled then he’s thirsty. Give him a good watering and make sure all the water drains through and he’s not left sitting in it. 

If he’s gone soft then he’s probably over watered. Let his soil dry out completely before watering him again. 

2 reviews for Prickly Pear Cactus MIX

  1. Bernice Endacott (verified owner)

    Looks amazing.

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