Potted Calathea Maui Queen


This is the first time we’ve had the Maui Queen in stock and she’s super pretty. The cream/white feathery vein down the leaf is very striking and she has those beautiful deep purple undersides that we all love in a Calathea. I read that Calathea signify new beginnings, the term to turn over a new leaf is in reference to these lovelies closing up (praying) at night. So I think this is a PERFECT plant to celebrate the end of 2020. It’s about time we turned over a new leaf and looked forward to 2021. She comes in this beautiful white/deep red ceramic pot. She would make a great Christmas/New Year Gift.

Her pot is 14cm

Availability: 6 in stock

Light : Your Calathea will like bright indirect sun however he is shade tolerant. 

Water:  Sit your Calathea in moist soil – watering little and often will keep him from drying out but also will stop him from sitting in water – which he definitely won’t like. 

Humidity: A rainforest dweller; this chap likes it moist, putting him in the bathroom, grouped with other plants or misting him will keep him sweet.

Temperature:Definitely keep him out of a draught, but your normal warm household temperature will be fine. 

Food:  You can feed him sparingly with watered down fertiliser during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  Happy plant, happy pet, happy kids, happy life!


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