Chinese Money Plant

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Pilea peperomioides

You might have seen a Chinese Money Plant in a glossy Scandinavian interior design magazine, or hashtagged on Instagram, and it’s no surprise. They are so beautiful. Her lily pad shaped leaves balance delicately on a long stem making her very unusual and quite intriguing. Often hard to come by we are very excited to share these wonderful plants with you. 

Pot size (cm): 12 cm

Height (cm): 20 cm

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Bright light will serve your Chinese Money Plant best. Her stems will grow towards the light source so if you don’t want her to grow wonky (I personally love a wonky CMP) then turn her whenever you water her so that a new spot gets some sun. 


Let the soil dry out before you give her a good drink. She will tell you she’s thirsty if she’s a bit floppy. She will also do this if she’s overwatered too so make sure you check the soil before you water. 


Your Chinese Money Plant won’t thank you for extra humidity. As long as your home/office isn’t excessively dry, you don’t need to worry about humidity. 


Keep her nice and warm. She won’t take kindly to a frost.


You can feed your Chinese Money Plant with a normal house plant fertiliser or cacti fertiliser once a month if you so wish. 


A purrrfect addition to your home of fur babies and small people.

Dimensions 12 × 25 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my Chinese Money Plant! 

Curled, domed leaves commonly mean a light problem, if her leaves are curling inwards then she’s not getting enough light or there is a watering issue. If her leaves curl outwards then she’s getting too much light, too got or again, a watering issue. (over or under watering) 

Yellow leaves aren’t always a cause for concern. The older leaves at the bottom of the plant will naturally go yellow in time. However, lots of yellow can mean that she’s been given too much water or has been sat in water. Let her dry out a bit before watering again.

4 reviews for Chinese Money Plant

  1. Clare Saunders (verified owner)

    Very fast and helpful service. Easy to use online buying option. Great choice of different plants. Was delivered and protected well. Thanks team

  2. Cathy D. (verified owner)

    A healthy and happy looking plant. I love it.

  3. Rachel C. (verified owner)

    Doing well already. Another good starter size plant.

  4. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Stunning plant!

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