Pilea Greysy

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Ok this one is seriously cute. A perfect trailer, with the sweetest slivery green leaves that form a lovely mound of petite foliage. These have good air purifying properties, are easy to look after and are pet safe.

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Light : A bright spot away from harsh afternoon sun.

Water: Keep the soil moist in the summer months. Once is starts getting to winter it will be better to let the top of the soil dry out before watering. 

Humidity: An occasional mist will keep this little love happy.

Temperature: Keep above 14 degrees. 

Food:  You can feed your Pilea monthly in the warmer months with diluted fertiliser. 

Toxicity:  Pet safe! 

Dimensions 10 × 15 cm

Sun burn can occur if you leave your Greysy in harsh afternoon sun.

If there is a stem that seems to be having a hard time, you can snip it off.

4 reviews for Pilea Greysy

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  3. Rosie C. (verified owner)

  4. Sian Peace (verified owner)

    Really pretty plant. I love its mop of tiny leaves!

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