Philodendron Verrucosum Incensi

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This is a really special plant and I am very proud to be able to offer it here at elk + forrest. This is one for the collectors. As these are very rare I only have a couple in stock and I have no idea if/when we’d be able to get any more.

The leaves are definitely the stand out here. Big velvet hearts in deep green with lighter veins. The texture of the leaves is magic, they are quite delicate leaves so will have a few marks due to travelling but once they’ve settled in they’ll be lovely. They’re all a good size and are all producing new leaves.

You can train them with a moss pole if you’d like.

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They sit in a 15cm nursery pot

Out of stock

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Light : Keep your Verrucosum in bright filtered sun.

Water: Lightly moist soil will be best for this guy. Once it starts to dry out give him a drink. 

Humidity: Keep moisture levels up by misting, group him with other plants or you can let him chill in your kitchen/bathroom.

Temperature: Household temperature is great for these guys.

Food:  Fertilise with diluted houseplant food monthly, make sure to fertilise around the pot and not directly in the the middle of the pot where the plant is coming through the soil. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic to animals and humans so keep them out of little creature’s mouths!

Dimensions 15 × 45 cm

Yellowing bottom leaves could mean your plant isn’t getting enough sun. Yellowing leaf edges can mean that it’s getting too much sun. 

Brown tips can also mean too much light,  or a lack of moisture. Make sure you’re giving your Micans lots of moisture (be mindful of soggy soil) and keep him out of harsh afternoon soil. 

Brown spots can mean poor watering habits. Let the top layer of soil dry out between watering and then allow the water to come through the drain holes when you do water. Note: don’t let it sit in water. Make sure it’s all drained off. 

A droopy plant can also mean a watering issue. You’ll know which end of the spectrum you are on in regards to if your plant is thirsty or drowning.

2 reviews for Philodendron Verrucosum Incensi

  1. Gemma Harris (verified owner)

    Absolutely gorgeous plant. So happy with it.

  2. Rebecca (verified owner)

    Amazing plant! As a collector this was on my wish list for a while, so happy I was able to get one whilst helping a small local business!

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