Philodendron Tortum


I’ll be super honest here, I’ve not seen this plant around… this is a totally new plant for us. These are a rare philodendron and they’re just so impressively minimalist and tropical and super super cool. Being a Philodendron the care for these should be pretty straight forward. I would note how thin the leaves are so would suggest keeping them moist.  And OH MY you should see what their leaves look like when they unfurl. They’re purple-y pink and so wonderfully weird! I think they’re great, a real modern and rare plant.

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This guy can handle a bit less light than other houseplants but will thrive in indirect light. You can see how thin the leaves are so you’re going to need to keep him out of direct harsh sun. 


Wait until the top 3cm of soil are dry before giving him a good drink. Water less frequently during the winter months. 


Being a South American rainforest native this guy likes it moist. Get yourself a mister. He also wouldn’t mind hanging out in your bathroom or kitchen. He can tolerate household humidity too. 


He’s a jungle baby so this means your Totum will like it warm. Somewhere between 16 – 24 degrees and he’ll be ship shape. 


You can feed him in the warmer months with diluted fertiliser. 


This plant is toxic if ingested so keep away from any nibblers. 

Dimensions 15 × 60 cm


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