Philodendron Micans – Trestle


This is one of my all time favourite plants (I’ve actually got 2 now in the house)

The leaves are absolutely magic, they range in colour from bottle green – almost black, to amber and purple. They’re super velvety too and being so easy to care for they are a super win. love love love.

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Light : Bright indirect light is the best for keeping you Micans looking spiffy, they’re also shade tolerant too. 

Water: Once the soil starts to dry out is the best time to give your Micans a drink. 

Humidity: These like humidity so you can keep him in the bathroom/kitchen, group him with other plants or offer him some mist. I would mist around the leaves and not directly on them.

Temperature: Household temperature is great for these guys.

Food:  You can feed your Micans every 2 weeks in spring/summer. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic to animals and humans so keep them out of little creature’s mouths!

Yellowing bottom leaves could mean your plant isn’t getting enough sun. Yellowing leaf edges can mean that it’s getting too much sun. 

Brown tips can also mean too much light,  or a lack of moisture. Make sure you’re giving your Micans lots of moisture (be mindful of soggy soil) and keep him out of harsh afternoon soil. 

Brown spots can mean poor watering habits. Let the top layer of soil dry out between watering and then allow the water to come through the drain holes when you do water. Note: don’t let it sit in water. Make sure it’s all drained off. 

A droopy plant can also mean a watering issue. You’ll know which end of the spectrum you are on in regards to if your plant is thirsty or drowning.


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