Philodendron Micans LIME


Hello beautiful!!! Oh my, if you follow us on any social media you will see me swoon over Philodendron Micans all day long. They are my absolute favourite plant. I was so excited to receive these Micans that are acid green! So amazing and unusual. They’re really easy to care for and lovely fast growers. They’ve not been around for long and are a relatively new cultivar so get ahead of the curve and snap one up 🙂

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Light : Bright indirect light is the best for keeping you Micans looking spiffy, they’re also shade tolerant too. 

Water: Once the soil starts to dry out is the best time to give your Micans a drink. 

Humidity: These like humidity so you can keep him in the bathroom/kitchen, group him with other plants or offer him some mist. I would mist around the leaves and not directly on them.

Temperature: Household temperature is great for these guys.

Food:  You can feed your Micans every 2 weeks in spring/summer. 

Toxicity: Philodendrons are toxic to animals and humans so keep them out of little creature’s mouths!

Dimensions 12 × 25 cm


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