Philodendron Imperial Green


If you like big green foliage that won’t take up your whole house then hello Philodendron Imperial Green. This guy is super lush with its glossy paddle shaped leaves. It’s quite compact but so shiny and green it would add to any home jungle, or office. I say office because it’s very easy to care for. Drought and shade tolerant and air purifying too. If you like the shape of the imperial red but prefer green foliage this is your guy, alternatively, if you like the shape of this plant but prefer something less green then take a look at this beauty. 

This is a good size pot sitting in a 19cm pot…

Oh and I only have 3 of them so… if you want them ‘add to basket’ because they won’t be around forever.

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This one prefers a little less light than most. He can tolerate shade but will grow much better in dappled/lightly shaded light. 


Wait until the top 3cm of soil are dry before giving him a good drink. Water less frequently during the winter months. 


Being a South American rainforest native this guy likes it moist. Get yourself a mister. He also wouldn’t mind hanging out in your bathroom or kitchen. He can tolerate household humidity too. 


He’s a jungle baby so this means your Imperial Green will like it warm. Somewhere between 16 – 24 degrees and he’ll be ship shape. 


Your Imperial Green needs no extra food, you can feed him sparingly with very watered down fertiliser if you wish but he shouldn’t need it. 


This plant is toxic if ingested so keep away from any nibblers. 

Dimensions 19 × 75 cm

Brown leaves can mean too much sun or more commonly over watering.  Check his soil before you rewater him. 

Brown leaf tips could mean he’s thirsty or needs more moisture. Check his soil and give him a drink if he’s dry, then give him a good misting.


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