Philodendron Fun Bun


… and boy are these fun. The growth pattern of those big glossy leaves go through many stages. They emerge as a regular leaf only to then split into lobes and then THEN … as the plant matures it starts to grow up in a spiral! I KNOW! How amazingly fun… bun.

I love the tropical vibe of these plants. They’re so green and glossy. Real stunners.

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Light : If you’ve got a spot with a little less light then this is your guy to fill it. If he’s looking unhappy and your spot is particularly shaded then he might be craving a little more light. Just don’t sit him in bright direct sun rays. 

Water: He’s not going to drop to the ground if you forget to water him, however being a tropical plant he does enjoy moist soil. I would let the top of the soil start to dry out before I offer him a drink. 

Humidity: This fella is all about the humidity. So you can group him with the rest of your subscription booty, or give him a misting. Misting will help with dust build up on his big leaves. 

Temperature: Keep him warm and away from a draft and you’ll be laughing. 

Food:  You can fertilise him monthly in the warmer months.

Dimensions 17 × 60 cm


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