Philodendron Atom


The Philodendron Atom is not only a new plant to elk + forrest, it’s pretty new to the world. They’ve been cultivated as an easy care plant, with compact foliage. They can cope with most places in a home – they don’t mind a bit of light shade (but with any plant, to make them truly thrive bright indirect light would be good for this guy)

Very much like the Coffee Plant, this guy has a shade of green that isn’t native to UK shores and has been associated with higher focus and alertness so perfect for brightening up a work from home office.

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Light : If you’ve got a spot with a little less light then this is your guy to fill it. If he’s looking unhappy and your spot is particularly shaded then he might be craving a little more light. Just don’t sit him in bright direct sun rays. 

Water: He’s not going to drop to the ground if you forget to water him, however being a tropical plant he does enjoy moist soil. I would let the top of the soil start to dry out before I offer him a drink. 

Humidity: This fella is all about the humidity. So you can group him with the rest of your subscription booty, or give him a misting. Misting will help with dust build up on his big leaves. 

Temperature: Keep him warm and away from a draft and you’ll be laughing. 

Food:  You can fertilise him monthly in the warmer months.

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm


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