Mini Pear Cupid Peace Lily



These are the cutest Peace Lily’s I’ve ever seen! They have gorgeous white blooms and lovely deep green leaves. They are super easy to look after and are a great alternative to a bunch of flowers. They’re also air purifying too.

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These little loves come in a 5.5 cm pot.

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Light : Plants really do like bright, indirect light. However your Peace Lily will chill in low light too. She’s pretty sensitive so keep her out of direct sun to avoid sun burn.

Water: Weekly water shesh’s will keep your Peace Lily happy. She’ll tell you she’s thirsty by drooping her leaves. 

Humidity: You don’t have to worry about humidity with this gal, but honestly what plant doesn’t want a good misting? Her leaves might get a bit dusty so a quick wipe with a damp cloth will spruce her up. 

Temperature: Just don’t let her get cold. Anything above 10 degrees and she’ll be happy. 

Food:  It’s not necessary to feed your Peace Lily but you could feed her every 2 months in the spring and summer. 

Toxicity:  Peace Lily’s are mildly toxic but like most plants, only when ingested. Maybe keep this one out of reach of little people and animals. Don’t let it put you off her beauty though, we’ve always had them with our wee ones running about with no events. 

Brown/yellow leaves could mean too much light. If you’ve got your Peace Lily on a window ledge then maybe try bringing her out of the direct sun and see what happens. .

Drooping leaves mean this plant is thirsty. A good watering should set her on the straight and narrow.

No blooms? This is  a tricky one. Out of the nursery setting you might not recreate the number of big blooms you had when you received your peace lily but there is no reason why you can’t have beautiful blooms again. Not enough sun could be the culprit and you could try feeding her. When plants are raised they are fed to be their best. So a little extra care and she’ll be bloomin’ fabulous. Make sure you remove the blooms when they’re past their best to encourage growth.


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