Parlour Palm

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“Chamaedorea Elegans”

Seeing as though we can’t go on holiday right now, why not bring the tropical vibes to you – these little palm plants are just the ticket to brightening up a room. When it comes to indoor palms this is probably the most popular – mostly because they are super easy to look after, but also because they look super awesome. Parlour Palms also make it onto the NASA top 50 houseplants that clean the air! and they’re pet safe! 10/10.

12cm x 35cm

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Light : He is a shade tolerant little guy but bright indirect light will make him most happy. 

Water:  Let his soil dry out between waterings – he won’t thank you for overwatering. 

Humidity: Your Parlour Palm would love a bit of misting. 

Temperature: Average household temperature will keep him comfortable. Anything over 18 degrees will do. He is not frost tolerant so don’t let him get too cold. 

Food:  You can feed him with weak fertiliser once a month during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  He isn’t toxic so will be a lovely addition to your menagerie. 

Dimensions 12 × 35 cm

Brown leaf tips mean he needs a little more humidity. 

Yellow fronds could mean he needs a bit more water. 

Brown fronds can be normal so you need to cut those off, if they are rotting then you are probably overwatering him. 

10 reviews for Parlour Palm

  1. Gemma Harris (verified owner)

    Simple but elegant and an amazing price.

  2. helen Coles (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant , fantastic service and truly lovely people!

  3. Hannah Martin (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant and excellent service

  4. Leah R. (verified owner)

  5. Jessica (verified owner)

    Gorgeous plant. Great service. I’d recommend to anyone.

  6. Gillian D. (verified owner)

    So happy with ALL my plant purchases from E&F, I will be back for more!

  7. Claire (verified owner)

  8. Sian Peace (verified owner)

    Looks fab in my lounge

  9. Teresa B. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant in fantastic condition. Would highly recommend

  10. Darren (verified owner)

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