Oxalis Triangularis

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I have been trying to get some of these pretty things in since we opened and I’m so happy to be able to share them with you now. Getting an established plant is quite rare and they are very sought after. They have beautiful purple butterfly shaped leaves and pretty edible flowers.

These guys sit in a 12cm pot.

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Indirect bright light will keep your Oxalis looking it’s best.


Water her just as the soil starts to dry out, so you might need to water her more in the summer than in the winter. 


Your home will provide the perfect humidity for your Oxalis.


They much prefer cooler temperatures. Your Oxalis won’t like being in prolonged temperatures of over 25 degrees. 


You don’t really need to feed your purple lovely, but if she’s been sitting in the same soil for over a year you could feed her with weak fertiliser once a month in the growing season.


The leaves of the oxalis are toxic to pets so maybe better to keep out of reach of nibbling creatures in your house. 

Dimensions 12 × 15 cm

4 reviews for Oxalis Triangularis

  1. Lisa (verified owner)

    This is my new fav…stunning dark purple leaves with little pink flowers. Just knew I had to add it to my collection when I saw it! Gorgeous.

  2. Kate L. (verified owner)

  3. Lucy Wilson (verified owner)

  4. Barbara Munday (verified owner)

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