Monstera Adonsonii – Monkey pot

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The Monstera Adonsonii is often referred to as the Monkey Leaf Monstera or Monkey Mask. These little guys are pretty easy to look after and have the most interesting holes in the leaves. A true tropical house plant. They also come in the cutest ceramic monkey pots making them perfect for a gift.



Light : Dappled sunlight will keep your Monstera a happy chappy. This guy doesn’t mind the sun one bit so a nice window will do the trick. Just watch out for scorching on the leaves.  

Water: So chill when it comes to watering this kid would rather be under-watered than over watered. 

Humidity: If you’ve ever been to Thailand you will know how humid it is there. The homeland of your monstera adansonii means your hardy plant is fine without any extra humidity but would thoroughly enjoy some time in the bathroom, in a gang with some other plants or a right good misting. 

Temperature: Back to Thailand, it’s pretty hot there… so keep him warm. Your house is probably warm enough, just keep him above 10 degrees. 

Food:  Honestly, this guy will be so fine without feeding but if you want him to grow at an astronomical rate and take over your whole house then monthly waterings are fine in spring and summer. Don’t feed him in the winter.  

Toxicity:  Keep the little beings in your household away from your Monstera especially the cats. If your nippers are very curious about plants have a look at our pet safe options.

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm

Pink, Blue, Brown

Yellowing leaves can mean too much of a good thing for this Monstera. So back off with the light or waterings and see how you get on. 

Browning leaves could mean that your Monstera needs a bit more light or a right good misting.

1 review for Monstera Adonsonii – Monkey pot

  1. Sarah (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant and cute pot – bought as a ‘new home’ gift and the recipient was really pleased. Great delivery and lovely packaging (love a simple brown paper bag!) – thanks xx Cant wait to purchase by next plant or two!

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