Monkey Jars

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‘Nepenthes Alata’

Monkey Jars get their name because monkeys like to drink water from their pitchers. You would think that this was probably the most interesting thing about this plant but oh no – they’re carnivorous. Yep. They eat flies and bugs! They’re super easy to look after as long as you keep them well watered.

Also the big ones of these are the biggest I’ve ever seen – they’re amazing!

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These guys come in a 14cm hanging pot.


Light: Bright light will keep you monkey jars happy. 

Water:  These guys LOVE water. And I mean LOVE! Keep the soil moist (not soggy) If the soil is dry they need watering. In really hot weather you could be watering these every day. So don’t be shy with the water. Every two weeks you can give your monkey jars a really really good drink. If the pitchers are ⅓ of the way full then your Monkey Jars are happy. They can fill their own jars so use this as an indicator of happiness. You can water your monkey jars with tap water but they would really LOVE some rain water. You can also pop them in the shower. 

Humidity: Monkey Jars are from the rainforest so they’re used to humid environments. You can definitely mist these guys to keep them moist. 

Temperature: Normal household temperature will be fine for your monkey jars. 

Food:  You can feed your monkey jars once a month.

Toxicity:  Not for eating.

Dimensions 14 × 50 cm
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spotty small, long maroon, small maroon, big red

2 reviews for Monkey Jars

  1. Alison J. (verified owner)

    Really love it. Very quirky and lots of character.

  2. Rachel C. (verified owner)

    Beautiful plant, tricky keeping it humid, so hope I can keep it going.

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