Mini Peacock Plant


‘Calathea makoyana’

What a show off! The Peacock plant is a real people pleaser. Pet safe, will clean your air and will put on a leaf display – what more could you really want from a house plant?! He’s only small but packs a punch and can grow up to 2ft tall!! His intricately patterned leaves mean that sometimes this lovely little plant is called Cathedrals Windows.  

Pot size (cm): 6 cm

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Light : Your Peacock will like bright indirect sun however he is shade tolerant. 

Water:  Sit your Peacock in moist soil – watering little and often will keep him from drying out but also will stop him from sitting in water – which he definitely won’t like. 

Humidity: A rainforest dwelle; this chap likes it moist, putting him in the bathroom, grouped with other plants or misting him will keep him sweet.

Temperature:Definitely keep him out of a draught, but your normal warm household temperature will be fine. 

Food:  You can feed him sparingly with watered down fertiliser during the spring and summer months. 

Toxicity:  Happy plant, happy pet, happy kids, happy life!

Dimensions 6 × 12 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my Peacock plant! 

Bleached leaves mean he’s been sitting in too harsh sun. Find a more shady spot and let him shine! 

Brown leaf tips mean he’s a bit dry and needs more humidity. 

He’s not growing could be that he’s too cold. Find somewhere warm for him and watch him flourish. 

Tiny leaves may signal that he’s not getting enough light, find that sweet spot and you’ll be laughing.