Mimosa Pudica

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‘sensitive plant, shy plant’

This annual little stunner is magic. The name Mimosa Pudica is derived from the Greek word ‘mime’ and the Latin word for ‘bashful’. When you touch this plant it’s leaves close up as if protecting itself. It reacts in this way to light and temperature too. If you want to get sciency (totally a word) this is called nastic movement. (Nastic movement is the non-directional mechano-sensory response to stimuli.) Everyone who sees these guys are mesmerised by how it moves. It has to be seen to be believed.

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This fella sits in a 9cm pot


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Light : Bright light will keep those leaves fanned out. 

Water:  Keep the soil lightly moist, don’t let him sit in soggy soil and let the soil dry out a wee bit in between waterings but never completely.

Humidity: These guys are from tropical roots so will enjoy higher humidity. You can mist regularly, sit him with some other plants or pop him in a bathroom/kitchen. 

Temperature: Normal household temperature will be fine for your mimosa, just don’t let him get too cold. 

Food:  You can feed your mimosa ¼ strength fertiliser every two weeks in spring/summer.

Toxicity:  Mimosa Pudica are a great addition to your menagerie of beasts (human an otherwise)

Dimensions 9 × 10 cm

If the leaves are staying closed then you need to consider where your mimosa is sitting. Make sure it’s warm and is getting enough sunlight. 

If he’s getting a bit leggy and you prefer a fuller bush then you can prune him 🙂

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