Medium Snake Plant Trifasciata


I love the ease of a snake plant. This lovely thing will live wherever you put it and will keep loving you even when you forget to water it for 3 months. I really like this colourway, the yellow is so striking against the green. These are super healthy and of a lovely size. We have a heap of pots that will fit and look awesome with your snakey friend.

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Put your snake plant wherever you like. If you pop her in brighter light (not direct sunlight) she will grow a lot faster. She will adapt just fine to low light conditions. 


Thriving on neglect let the soil go quite dry before watering. 


elk + forrest love a good misting but your snake plant won’t thank you for it. Just leave her be. She’s got this. 


Happy to sit in most temperatures, just try not to let her get too cold for long periods. Above 13 degrees and she’ll be sweet. 


Your snake plant will be fine without supplemental feeding but if you wish you can feed her cactus or general purpose feed once a month in the summer months. 


Don’t eat your snake plant. She is toxic. If you have an especially curious nibbler at home perhaps one of our pet safe plants will serve you better. 


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