Maiden Hair Fern

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‘Adiantum Raddianum Fragrans’

These popular ferns have been on our list for a while. I’ve had lots of people asking me about them so here we are, they are so pretty I am super happy we have them in stock. This plant is a little more hands on than other ferns but totally worth it – oh and don’t actually put your hands on it, she won’t thank you for touching her leaves. She is also air purifying and pet safe so a good all round beauty.

She comes in a 12cm nursery pot.

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This goes with

Light :She can tolerate some light shade, but bright indirect light will serve her best. 

Water: Keep her soil moist but not soggy. Give her a drink when you notice the top of the soil is starting to dry.

Humidity: This lovely is used to chilling on rocks around waterfalls, so she LOVES moisture. You can pop her in the bathroom or kitchen, group with other plants and I would also recommend regular misting.

Temperature: She is not frost tolerant and won’t draft, so keep her in a warm environment without any harsh temperatures. 

Food: You can feed your maiden hair throughout the warmer months with weak fertiliser. 

Toxicity:  A lovely addition to your menagerie, the Maiden Hair Fern is pet safe. 

Dimensions 12 × 30 cm

Brown and crispy is usually a moisture issue. Check you are keeping her nice and tropical.

Her leaves will also burn in the sun so make sure she’s not getting too many harsh afternoon rays.

Yellow leaves are usually a watering issue, namely over watering. Her lower leaves will usually turn yellow and drop off and this is totally normal. If you are noticing yellowing leaves on the top of your plant than assess your watering. Make sure her soil is damp, not soggy.

1 review for Maiden Hair Fern

  1. Anonymous (verified owner)

    Beautiful fern, have wanted one for ages and I love it! Delivery and packaging were fab, thank you 🙂

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