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For over 4000 years in Asian cultures Lucky Bamboo has been a symbol of good fortune. Although it’s called Bamboo this guy is actually from the Dracaena family – which is a dragon tree. This means they are SUPER easy to look after. As in one of the most tolerant houseplants you can have.

I’ve seen these living bare roots in water and in pretty dry places too so in all – the blackest of thumbs should be fine!

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Light : This will be happy in most areas. It usually grows in the shade of rainforest trees so will be happy in most places. Harsh afternoon sun might scorch the leaves and leaving it in a too dark spot might hinder it’s growth.

Water: Allow the top couple of centimetres dry out before you water. Then give it a good drink. Make sure to not let it sit in water. It won’t thank you for soggy feet. 

Humidity: Lucky Bamboo really like humidity so you can spray it with a mister, pop it in the bathroom or group it with other plants.

Temperature: This one is a tropical plant so not frost tolerant. Keep it out of a draft and it should do well. 

Food:  You can feed her in the growing season. 

Toxicity:  This one isn’t for any wee nibblers.

Dimensions 12 × 40 cm

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