Lockdown Subscription 2.0


If you’re feeling down about the new lockdown regulations, or you know someone who would benefit from a wee cheering up then this lovely 4 week subscription could be just the ticket. Did you know houseplants not only help to clean your air but they are also great at lifting your mood?

Each week of the 4 week lockdown you (or your very lucky friend) will receive one of our lovely paper bags with a pick-me-up waiting  inside. The contents will be a complete surprise and the overall subscription will be worth at least 20% more than the price you paid.

There are two options, a regular subscription or a pet safe subscription. Please choose your preference in the drop down below.

We have a limited amount to offer so can only allow 2 subscriptions per customer. If you are buying this thoughtful gift for a friend please let us know at the checkout so we can get plants to the right people.


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