Livistona Rotundifolia


‘Fan Palm’

Want to add a bit of tropical to your home jungle? Then this guy ticks all the boxes. The gorgeous fan shaped leaves help make this plant a super air purifier. Fan palms are found in tropical rainforests in Australia, South East Asia and the Horn of Africa. Oh and he’s super chill – so easy to look after and won’t be mad if you forget to water him sometimes.

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Light : Bright indirect light. 

Water:  Let the top layer of soil dry out between waterings. The fan palm would like moist not soggy soil. 

Humidity: A regular misting wouldn’t go a mist (sorry)  

Temperature: Anything above 13 degrees will keep this chap happy. 

Food:  You really don’t need to feed her. You can every 6 months with general houseplant feed if you want to. 

Toxicity:  Pet safe! Hurrah. 

Dimensions 12 × 35 cm


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