Forest Cactus


Lepismium bolivianum

Hello salad fingers! This spindly Forest Cactus is a pretty cool character. She is spineless, but don’t be fooled, this doesn’t mean she’s weak, just that she’s not prickly. Her fingers can grow up to a meter in length and in the right conditions she can bloom lovely pink or white flowers. She is super easy to look after and will look very cool hanging or trailing wherever you put her. 

Your Forest Cactus will come in a bowl made of coconut fibre which is more planet friendly than the humble plastic pot. Read more here.

Pot size (cm): 17cm

Height (cm): 30cm

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Bright indirect sunlight is best, but she can handle a bit of shade. Just keep her out of direct, harsh sunlight. 


Let the top few centimetres of soil dry out between waterings. She will need a lot less frequent waterings in the cooler months


As she is a cactus normal household humidity is fine. She doesn’t need any misting and it would be best to keep her out of the bathroom.


She’s used to being in a jungle so keep her warm. Your regular household temperature will be just fine, just don’t let it drop below 10 or so degrees. 


In the spring and summer months you can feed your Jungle Cactus every 2 months. 


I’ll be honest here after some pretty extensive research I can’t find out if this plant is toxic or not so best to keep out of reach just in case. 

Dimensions 17 × 30 cm

HELP! There’s something wrong with my Jungle Cactus!

My research of this plant is still ongoing. She’s such an odd thing that finding lots of concrete information on her is pretty tough. It’s safe to say you’ve got yourself something pretty unique here. From what I’ve read she’s pretty robust. For troubleshooting I would assume if her fingers are going yellow she’s possibly overwatered or in the sun too much. If she’s drying out or brown then she needs moisture. I will continually update this page with information when I learn it!


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